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Complex service for you and your customers

Ingers Industrial Solutions is a company specialized in providing consulting, organizational and promotional services in all areas of industry with emphasis on the area of pharmacy. Since 1995, it is our goal to find the best possible solutions and answers for our customers, whether they need only an advice or an information or the whole complex solution including application. We are always ready to flexibly find the solutions that will enable customers to achieve their objectives.

Join the range of our satisfied  succesful customers!

Pharmaceutical Industry

The need of health is one of the basic human needs. Its satisfying is a key to the satisfaction of every man.Therefore the pharmaceutical industry is from antient times one of the most important and the most stable sectors. This industry is also very professional and one of the most regulated and controlled.

In different countries of the world, access to the regulation of the sale of medicinal products is often fundamentally different. In addition, the rules in the EU are constantly evolving and at the same time national rules and regulations still have their fixed place in the system and probably will continue to do so.Therefore, perfect knowledge of the environment of the European market, and nuances of local laws and ordinances, as well as exact orientation in the processes and experience with market are the values that make decisions about success or failure every day.

Ingers Industrial Solutions has many years of experience in this field as well as a detailed knowledge of the environment both at EU level and in individual Member States.

In the area of human medicinal products we have cooperated many years with the leading manufacturers from all over the world and we have been placing on the Czech market the products  of high quality.

Other services

Ingers Industrial Solutions je společnost orientovaná na poskytování konzultačních, organizačních a propagačních služeb ve všech oblastech průmyslu s důrazem na oblast farmacie.

Již od roku 1995 je naším cílem nacházet co nejlepší řešení a odpovědi pro naše zákazníky, ať už potřebují pouze radu či informace anebo celé komplexní řešení včetně aplikace. Vždy jsme připraveni flexibilně najít právě ta řešení, která zákazníkům umožní dosáhnout stanovených cílů.

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